Expectations from Clients

Please find the simple terms you need to comply with as a customer of SkooBot

We are a happy company of kind people. We go leaps and bounds so that you (customer, yes, YOU) have the best time automating your chats. We do not ask for much; we know your manners and niceties.

However, clients sometimes have implicit or explicit expectations that are neither legitimate nor covered in our scope.

To make sure, by mischance or otherwise, you happen to fall into such a tight space, please find below the guidelines-

  • All the details entered must be accurate.

    • Sounds basic, but it's often missed. We need to keep in touch and coordinate with you often, so ensure we are updated on your contact details.

  • We will not enter any of our personal or business credentials for your profile or business.

    • We discourage identity miscarriages, misinformation, false representation, and proxies to the highest degree. Do NOT expect or ask us to enter our details anywhere on your behalf. Be it integrations, Meta, or elsewhere.

  • Please make sure you have these details in order before we get started:

    1. GSTIN or TAX ID

    2. Working website or an Active Social Profile

    3. The legal Name on Business Documents should be the same everywhere.

    4. PAN Card of the company/account owner for Identity confirmation.

We hope you will follow through and we will have a mutually beneficial time together. Happy to have you!

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