This section contains a quick guide on how to create and install a chatbot Widget.

What is a Widget?

A Widget is a chat interface that can be installed in your website, ads, blogs or any promotional content to route subscribers to your Chatbot. You can create multiple widgets by following a few easy steps on the SkooBot dashboard.

How to Create a Widget

To create one, go to the Widgets tab in β€˜Bot Settings’ and click Create Widget on the extreme right.

Name your widget

Enter the widget name and click Create Widget once again, you will be redirected to a section where you can customize the positioning and look of your Widget.

Configure your widget

a. Position your widget

Here, select the position of the widget as you wish it to appear on the website or promotional content. You can position your widget as

  • Bar: Headline bar on top of the website page

  • Slide-In: A square widget slide in at the bottom right

  • Page Takeover: Displayed as full page over the page

  • Button: Appear as a Call to Action button in the middle of the page

b. Select theme color of your widget

Now select the background color of the widget to match your brand’s personality and the page on which it is placed. Save the changes,

Install your widget

As you save the widget’s configuration, you will be automatically redirected to the section where you will find a Javascript snippet that you can copy and paste on all HTML pages where you want your Widget to appear.

Copy and install the Widget to prompt visitor’s to chat with your bot.

Done! You have created your widget.

If everything is correct and you are still unable to move forward, write to us at support@skoobot.com.We will respond back within 48 business hours.

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