Bot Settings FAQs

This section contains all FAQs related to the Bot Settings.

How to change the bot's position on the website?

After you log in,

  1. Navigate to Bots

  2. Select the Bot you want to configure

  3. Select the Bot Settings Tab

  4. Click On The Design Tab. Here you can customize the position of your chatbot on your website as well as on mobile devices.

How to disable Desktop Notifications?

After you log in to the SkooBot App, Navigate to the Bot Setting under the bot's menu. 1. Go to the Bot Settings and open Alerts the tab. 2. Check if you have subscribed to the desktop notifications or not? 3. If yes, You will see the below confirmation.

Disable Notifications

A. Open your website settings by clicking on the lock icon on the top left, as shown below

B. Click on the button to open the settings; once you click on it, You will see the option to disable notifications.

C. Disable the notifications, and you are done! You will not receive any notifications now.

Please Note:

This action will not disable the Live chat request Notifications.

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