3rd Party Apps Integrations

This page contains how 3rd party integrations works with SkooBot.

Streamline your workflow

SkooBot has 55+ Integration to automate your workflow for you. SkooBot integration capabilities allow you to seamlessly transfer your lead, appointments, ticket, and task data to the 3rd party apps. You can integrate 3rd party apps with SkooBot in two ways.

  1. Use available Native integrations

  2. Have the APIs ready! Create your custom integration with SkooBotMy Integration capabilities.

Why SkooBot Integrations?

SkooBot bots work as a front-end app for your end customers, and it collects data in the form of the customer chat and other necessary data such as on which page they were, their indicative location (fetched from IP address), device, browser, etc. All this data is available on the SkooBot dashboard. However, You may need the same data in any of the other apps that you might be using, such as

  1. CRMs

  2. Scheduling software

  3. Task/ticket management tools etc

SkooBot integrations enable you to use these integrations to send the metadata to your apps.

How to integrate 3rd party apps with SkooBot?

Once you have decided which app you want to send your data to, Here is how you can integrate it.

SkooBot Integration with Available Apps

  1. Log in to the SkooBot dashboard using the link https://app.skoobot.com/.

  2. Navigate your bot and find the 3rd Party Apps Integrations option on the dashboard.

  3. Once you find the list of all integrations available, search for the desired integrations.

  4. Once you find your integrations in the list, click on the connect button and follow the on-screen steps.

  5. If You are facing issues with the integration, You can look for detailed integration tutorials using the link below.

Couldn't find the desired App! Build your custom Integration

If the app you are looking for is unavailable on the app list, You can build your integration. It is no code and is very simple to build. Below is the link to how

Having Questions?

If you have any questions, you can refer to the below link or contact us at support@skoobot.com

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