Subscription FAQs

This section contains all FAQs related to the subscriptions and plans.

Can I use SkooBot for free?

Yes, SkooBot’s baby plan is free forever. We don't hold you back in any way.

Do you have a trial account?

The baby plan is like a trial, but it does not restrict you like everyone else. There is no time limit. Take all the time you want to, size up when you are ready.

How many chat agents can I include in the King plan?

You can include three agents with the king plan. You can add more agents at additional charges.

What channels does the King plan include?

SkooBot's King Plan allows you to create chatbots for websites, Facebook and Telegram. You can also create conversational landing pages and live chat widgets.

What happens when I cross the response limit?

SkooBot will continue working for you for 10% of your limit once you have reached maximum utilization. Post that, you will be requested to upgrade your current plan, your bots will not be able to bring leads and talk to your customers until you upgrade.

How many Chatbots can be created in King Plan?

Initially upto 50 Chatbots can be created. However, if someone reaches there, we can extend the limit.

What is your refund policy?

Get in touch with our friendly customer success manager who is handling your account, and they will make the process easy.

Is there any free plan of SkooBot?

Yes, the free plan includes one Bot and sends up to 2000 messages per billing cycle. However, the free plan does not include a WhatsApp bot or other premium features.

Does SkooBot offer any discount?

SkooBot gives you 5 times productivity and tenth of the price of its competitors. All the prices are set to make the decision of going with SkooBot a no-brainer. We can make it an even sweeter deal, if you choose the yearly plan. You need to pay for 10 months, if you choose the yearly plan, two months on us. Also, we do provide a 30% discount to Nonprofit organizations.

Is there any discount on the yearly plan?

You get two months free if you opt for a yearly plan.x

Can I cancel my subscription?

It is a decision smart people won't take, but we respect your choices, you can cancel your subscription in settings.x

What if I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan whenever you want. However, we will cancel your subscription only at the end of the billing cycle. Once you cancel your plan, you will not receive a new invoice from the next billing cycle. Hence, If you cancel your plan in January, you will not get a new bill in February.

What if I upgrade my plan in between?

If you upgrade your plan in between a billing cycle, we will deduct the price on your current plan from the new pricing, and you will only have to pay the rest. For example:- Suppose you upgrade to 7K monthly messages at 800 INR, and your current plan costs 400 INR. Then, you will have to pay 400 INR and 18% service tax (only if you reside in India) for upgradation.

What is the pricing for the Messages add-ons?

There are two options for adding messaging add-ons. You can add 5K or 10 K to your current billing cycle. You can check the pricing on the SkooBot subscription panel.

What is the pricing for white labeling a chat window?

You can check the pricing on the SkooBot subscription panel.

How can I get my invoice?

Log in to Your SkooBot Account

  1. Navigate to the Subscriptions in the side navigation panel and then move to the Invoice Tab

  2. Click on Invoices, Here you can get a list of all your invoice. You can also send them to your email.

Does SkooBot store payment details?

No, SkooBot uses a secure payment gateway and does not store payment details. Your privacy and security are paramount to us.

What if my payment fails and my money gets deducted?

If your payment is not completed successfully and money has already been deducted from your account. You can contact support (at and your bank for further information. Usually, your bank refunds the deducted amount within three working days.

How do I make the payment?

You can choose to pay via Stripe or Razor Pay, both are secure, encrypted gateways. Security is our topmost priority

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