Get started here. Thank you for starting your digital communication journey with SkooBot. We look forward to being a part of your growth journey.

What is SkooBot?

SkooBot is a chatbot builder that can automate conversations and streamline the lead-generation process. Our suite of features is well-suited to various applications across businesses, and we hope you find just what you are looking for.

Elements of the home window

SkooBot will always greet you with warmth and excitement. The insights section is where you will learn how your bots are performing, all messages sent, and leads generated. Messages that your bots can send are capped by the plan that you are subscribed to. You can upgrade as you go; we are always just a text away. You can reach out to us anytime using the need help widget at the bottom of your screen.

The bots that you will create will be listed below.

Side panel

Clicking on our friendly logo, you can hide or view the panel. It is the hub for all actions related to your bot.

  1. Home is where you are.

  2. The Bots menu is to pick a bot that you wish to manage or edit. If you click on it right now, you will be on your way to creating your first bot.

  3. Inbox is the center of all your messages. All the customer interactions show up here, you can export contacts, decide whom you want to target with a particular campaign, the chat interface that you will come to love, and much more.

  4. Analytics will hold all the insights and performance statistics of the bots you have deployed.

  5. The team is where you can manage who can change the settings of the bots you make or can access the bots’ leads.

  6. Whenever you want to scale up, go to subscriptions, and choose the plan you want. We are here to help you.

Back to home

Now, once you have made friends with SkooBot, let’s get down to business. Click on create a new bot, and you will have many options. Choose where you want to enhance your customer experience. If you feel ready to enter the world of brimming possibilities, start building a WhatsApp chatbot.

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