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Step 1 of 4: Log in to your SkooBot Account and Select ChatGPT Integration

a. Login to your SkooBot account. Then, select and click the Bot you want to integrate with ChatGPT. Click on the ‘Integrate tab.’
b. The Integrate Window Will Open up. Select the ‘All Integrations’ Tab.
c. A list of all native integrations for SkooBot will be available in this window.
d. Find ChatGPT by-
  • Either by scrolling down the list or
  • by typing ‘ChatGPT’ in the Search Box with the placeholder “Search Integration By Name”
e. Click On The ‘Purchase’ Button As Shown
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f. An interest form, as shown below, will open up. You will be asked to enter the details we require to contact you. Our customer success will explain the process and our payment plans.
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g. Once done, the added feature will reflect in your account and the option to configure. Click on configure.
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h. API key page, as shown below, would open. Add your API Key Token here.
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Step 2 of 4: Find your Authorization Key/Token in App Account

a. To get the API Token, log in to the Open AI account, and on the main dashboard, click on the dropdown button next to your profile name in the top-right corner and then click on the 'View API Keys' Option.
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b. Click the Create new secret key option on the API keys page.
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c. A pop-up opens, as shown below. From the pop-up, copy your secret key.
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Step 3 of 4: Enter the API key in SkooBot to Connect with ChatGPT

a. Enter the secret key, and press Authenticate, to complete the integration of SkooBot with ChatGPT.
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b. If you have entered all the details correctly, you will see a notification that says, “Now you can access the ChatGPT component in chat flow.”
c. Also, your ChatGPT integration will reflect the message Installed in the Integration List.
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Step 4 of 4: Test your Integration Setup with Data

Once you have established a connection between SkooBot and ChatGPT, you are ready for your first NLP-enabled customer interaction. You can test your integration setup by creating a dummy lead on the bot.

Still Not Working, Let’s Troubleshoot!

If you are getting blank responses or undesired responses :
  • Wrong Authorization Details added- You will be required to check and see if all the authorization credentials, such as API Token, API key, and/or URL, have been entered correctly.
  • Free plan- You are not subscribed to the paid plan on SkooBot or ChatGPT, as integration works only in the paid plan.
  • Training Data- The training data you provided was ineffective or inept.
If everything is correct and you cannot move forward, write to us at [email protected]. We will respond back within 48 business hours.